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"Harmonious Illumination of Divine Abundance & Spirituality" Sacred Shree Yantra Pyramid

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Embrace the profound energy and spiritual significance embodied in our "Harmonious Illumination of Divine Abundance & Spirituality" Sacred Shree Yantra Pyramid. Crafted with precision and reverence, this sacred pyramid encapsulates the essence of abundance, harmony, and spiritual ascension.

About this item
Model Name : 
Shree Yantra Pyramid
Model Number : 
Ideal For :
The intricate design of the Shree Yantra, a revered symbol of cosmic balance and divine energy, adorns each facet of this pyramid. Its precise geometry and inherent mysticism create a conduit for spiritual alignment and heightened consciousness. 
Item Dimension : Height : 56mm, Base : 74mm
Item Weight : 136g
Color :
Multi colour
Base Material : 
Shree Yantra and Orgonite 
Pack of : 
Finish : 
Smooth and Shiny

Place this Sacred Shree Yantra Pyramid in your sacred space or meditation area, allowing its energy to resonate and elevate your spiritual practice. Its presence invites a sense of tranquility, abundance, and a deeper connection to the cosmic energies that govern the universe.

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