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"Infused With Gentle Power of Love & Healing" Blissful Rose Quartz Tumbles (60-75gm)

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Indulge in the gentle embrace of our Rose Quartz Collection, where the ethereal beauty of love converges with the tranquil energy of this revered crystal. Rose quartz, renowned for its connection to the heart chakra, serves as the focal point of this collection, inviting you into a world of love, compassion, and emotional healing.

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Rose Quartz Tumbles
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Adorn yourself with the elegance of our Rose Quartz Pendant, a finely crafted embodiment of love that graces your neckline while radiating the nurturing energy of rose quartz. Elevate your space with the harmonious vibes of our Rose Quartz Sphere, a serene companion for meditation and relaxation. Wrap your wrist in the soothing energies of our Rose Quartz Bracelet, where each bead is a tangible reminder of love's gentle strength, bringing calm and emotional well-being to your daily life. Connect with the raw and unfiltered beauty of love through our Raw Rose Quartz Crystal, embodying the pure essence of rose quartz in its natural form. Hold love in the palm of your hand with our Rose Quartz Heart-Shaped Palm Stone, a smooth and comforting talisman encouraging the practice of self-love and compassion. 
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Pack of :4 to 5 pieces
Item size :60 to 75gm
Base Material : 
Rose Quartz
Finish : 

Cleansing : Immerse your crystals in a bowl of water mixed with Rock salt. Leave them for a few hours but Carefully use this method for delicate stones.   Hold your crystals under running water for a few minutes, visualizing impurities being washed away.

Energizing : Revitalize your crystals by placing them under the radiance of the full moon or sunlight for a few hours. Allow the natural energy of lunar or solar light to refresh and invigorate your crystals, enhancing their positive vibrations.

Keeping: Hold the crystal on your left hand and cover with your right hand , defining clear intentions for your desired achievements or manifestations while keeping it. Visualize your goals, infusing the crystal with focused energy to enhance its purpose and impact.

Repeat the above process every 30 day-40 days 

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